Soundbooklet sounds like heaven, in our daily productions we aim at giving you the best sound quality and service. We focus on innovation in sound and this helps us go passed any limitations, whether coming from singers, song writers, orchestras, bands, choirs, and general musicians.

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Cathedral Choir Recording

We were so delighted to enable the St. Paul's cathedral do it's recording in July 2015, we had great results and we are so proud to have done this project.

Studio Album Recording

We are glad to work with each artists that gets signed at our studio, and here gospel artist Andrew Semakula in studio October 2015.





Choir Music

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Sound Hire

Events Public Address System Setup & hire

We believe you have the right to enjoy each moment of your event, we enable you achieve that by playing the right music using an effective Public Address System for your event needs.

  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Indoor Parties
  • Corporate Events

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Learn an instrument

We have great experience in training great pianists, guitarists, violinists, singers and accompanists, even from a great tender age. We have worked with individual students and schools around kampala town over the past years.

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